Cory's Hot Apple Pie (drink)


Enjoy this hot beverage while decorating the Christmas tree, walking the dog... or just passing the time with friends. It is sure to warm you up! 


1.  Jim Beam Choice Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey(green label).  Of course you can use any booze you see fit.  This is not the best but it is cheap and decent.

2.  Fresh Country Cider Mill Apple Cider.  Yes any apple cider or juice will work but I highly recommend getting the good stuff.

3.  Cinnamon sticks.

4.  Ground Cinnamon.

5.  Star Anise ( if you like the taste black licorice)

6.  Cloves (if you like the taste...)

7.  Graham crackers.

8.  Heavy whipping cream.

9.  Sugar.

10.  Vanilla extract.


First off dump some apple cider into a pot and warm on the stove.  No need to boil it just get it to steam a little.  You will want to add a few sticks of cinnamon, a dash of ground cinnamon, Star Anise and Cloves.  Stir occasionally.  Easy...

Now you can skip the cream, sugar and vanilla extract if you want to be a cheap ass and buy a can of whip cream instead of making your own.  I highly recommend making your own.  It is VERY easy and you will find that you will never buy a can of whip cream again except to huff the nitrous out of it.  Now you will however need a whipping device of some sort.  Yes all of you non-cooking mechanics out there, (lol) a drill and a wire whisk fitted to the drill works like a charm!!!  So dump the heavy whipping cream into a bowl.  Add about a tablespoon of sugar, just a small quick pour of vanilla extract (adjust to taste next time you make it) then whip until it looks like whip cream.  Taste and adjust accordingly...Easy...

You can either use a plastic Ziploc bag and a rolling pin (any beer/wine bottle will do the trick) for this step or a pestle and grinder.  I prefer the Pestle and grinder method.  Take a few graham crackers and smash them up with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.  OR...If you want to cheat on this step get Cinnamon Graham Crackers and smash them up.  Easy...

Pour a shot...or a glass (depending on the glass size =). Yes that is a half gallon of whiskey... 

By this time your Cider should be warm.  Add the warm cider to the alcohol.  Then a nice dollop of your homemade whip cream (Mom would be proud).  Sprinkle with graham cracker and cinnamon dust mixture.  Serve piping hot to yourself and friends!


Submitted by susanne on Sat, 03 Dec 2011